Marine Surveys by The Boat Doc Marine Surveys, LLC, William E. Hymans, Ph.D., SAMS® AMS®, Pennington & Stone Harbor, New Jersey, USA The Boat Doc Marine Surveys, LLC
Pennington & Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Serving all of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Upper Chesapeake

William E. Hymans, Ph.D., SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor


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Considerations that make THE BOAT DOC a confident surveying choice:

  • Twenty-three years experience surveying power and sail boats from 16 to 55 feet in length.
  • On BoatUS's Surveyor Referral List


  • Graduate, Chapman School of Seamanship
  • Engine City Technical Institute: Diesel Engine Training Course
  • Average of 22 Continuing Education credits per year

Surveys Guaranteed Acceptable

  • Never rejected by any insurance company or financial institution.

Clear, Comprehensive and Prompt Reports

  • Reports prepared using Force 5 computer software. Copy Emailed immediately upon completion.

Highly Recommended By Satisfied Customers

Competitive Rates With No Extra Travel Charges

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