Marine Surveys by The Boat Doc Marine Surveys, LLC, William E. Hymans, Ph.D., SAMS® AMS®, Pennington & Stone Harbor, New Jersey, USA The Boat Doc Marine Surveys, LLC
Pennington & Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Serving all of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Upper Chesapeake

William E. Hymans, Ph.D., SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor


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Considerations that make THE BOAT DOC a confident surveying choice:

  • Nineteen years experience surveying power and sail boats from 16 to 55 feet in length.
  • On BoatUS's Surveyor Referral List


  • Graduate, Chapman School of Seamanship
  • Engine City Technical Institute: Diesel Engine Training Course
  • Average of 22 Continuing Education credits per year

Surveys Guaranteed Acceptable

  • Never rejected by any insurance company or financial institution.

Clear, Comprehensive and Prompt Reports

  • Reports prepared using Force 5 computer software. Copy Emailed immediately upon completion. Paper copy mailed within two business days of being on the vessel.

Highly Recommended By Satisfied Customers

Competitive Rates With No Extra Travel Charges

Click here for an Excel spreadsheet list of boats surveyed in the past.

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